Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Original

I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Kate or Katie for those who have a preference (which seems to be everybody but me). I just graduated from UGA, meaning, like many I'm currently in a state of bewilderment and confusion....But I kind of like it. I am without question a geek and I say that only because I cried twice last night during the Democratic National Convention. I promise not to continue with the boring details of who I am. Hopefully, my quirks will subtly lay themselves out in the process of blogging.

However, those of you actually reading this... Hi Mom! Will have to handle one more life story update. I am job searching a long and painful process that I hope one day will end in my favor. I want to work in nonprofit communication/development (I cry at political conventions it's not that far of a stretch) and I'm determined that though I may take a non-traditional route in getting there, one day I will be able to align myself with those out there working too hard, getting paid too little, and loving every second of it.

That's it for today just an overview. My plan isn't to talk about myself this much, but I figured a little narcissism the first time out would be therapeutic. Please feel free to comment on whatever I say. I'm sarcastic and a tency-bit stubborn so I could probably use a little constructive criticism.