Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Low Point

My bossed just asked me, in the middle of a conference call, if I was sexually frustrated. Why pray tell, simply because I was twirling my hair. Again, I say Low Point.

The Shock

They are certain moments in life you just can't be prepared for, such as being robbed. Last Thursday our beautiful home was broken into. At the end of my work day, I got a frantic call from my roommate... Our house was broken into. Now we live in a nice area, but don't have an alarm system so I suppose not nice enough.

Before I took a breath all I could think about was Sukie, did they hurt her, take her, did she run away? Luckily, she was fine and my incredible roommate Amanda went into the house to find her hiding upstairs. During crises you learn where your priorities lie and possibly to a fault mine are with my dog.

All of our laptops were taken and some family heirlooms of Amanda's, jerks... Oh and one of Power 90 DVDs. But no one was hurt and the place wasn't trashed too badly. So whats done is done.

Maybe I'll just tell myself that the money they got from our stolen goods went to somebody's kids for basic needs and maybe a little Christmas joy. It doesn't justify the action, but it sounds better than it went to feed someone's drug addiction.