Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Learning Process

Every life change comes with it's lessons and every new adventure comes with those early awkward stages when things are little confusing and perhaps a bit overwhelming. And that is where I am right now.. a tad bit confused and overwhelmed.

As a part of my quest for a career in nonprofit work. I thought I'd take the obvious step of volunteering. I am officially a member of the PR committee for the CFF Atlanta Wine Tasting coming Nov. 19 I'm pretty sure this is going to be quite the event. Major Atlanta restaurants and wineries, the Atlanta social elite and a fancy new venue, Exciting Right?

Along with that excitement comes the realization that I am far from the social elite and up until the last few weeks had only been to one restaurant in Atlanta, Two Urban Licks (so good, by the way). Though I live in a house full of socially savvy PR girls rocking the world of restaurant and hospitality PR I myself know little to nothing on the subject. I have to go to my lovely roomies for ideas on what to do in our city when my bf makes it into town. Personally my idea of a thrilling night is Festivus... a night of fort building, bad movie marathons, crafting and possibly sliding down a tarp covered in paint (for instance).

This long soliloquy of complaints is really more of a declaration that I have got some learning to do. I have to dig down deep and see if there is a trendy social girl hidden under my layers of political geek who prefers to stay at home with her neurotic dog and awesome roommates.