Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Girl is Back in Town

I'm so excited to announce I have officially made it back to the Mothership of Athens. Right in time for football season I might add (insert evil laugh: Muh Ha Ha).

I admit I had a few concerns going into the process, is it really worth the money when I could commute? Consider 8:00 am classes and late Friday nights: Yes it is! And I really wasn't certain about living by myself, having been blessed with the best roommates in the world. I mean really, can I have a festivus by myself? However, I admit, I kind of like it. If for no other reason than if I get jam on the door handle, its OK its My door! Also, I feel quite certain that my new home on the Mothership will frequently draw others to visit me... hint hint. But what I like most about living alone--is my kitchen. Now, the kitchen is fabulous (especially for a rental) and would be great with a roommate, but by myself the kitchen becomes my own personal laboratory. So when I want to try Indian cuisine or fusion Korean-Thai, I don't have to worry that it will smell or suck- because its just me dealing with it or boyfriend but he is pretty adventurous. This is high on my list of Things to be Thankful for.

So to wrap it up, I'm planning to post pictures (once I find the camera in one of the many boxes sitting in the extra room/office that I haven't touched yet). I just wanted to share how happy I am and that the whole Grad School, move to Athens plan has officially happened!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hate Doesn't Wipe Out Hate

I am flabbergasted and furious over recent reactions to US citizens invoking their first amendment rights to practice the religion of their choice. Ignorance is prevalent in our society, it always has been but apparently so is short term memory loss. Let's go over a few facts. A.) Islam is not a terrorist organization, it is a nonviolent religion. Are they fascists Muslims who commit horrible acts in the name of Islam, yes. Does that make all Muslims terrorists-NO!!!!

B.)Need I remind the world of the many other examples of religious violence. Consider, Eric Rudolph who set off a bomb in Atlanta during the Olympics in the name of Christianity. And mind you that is a very minor example of Christian violence. My goal is not to disparage Christianity my point is simply fascist, extremists, unhealthy people perform horrible, violent acts in the name of religion. Its not a Muslim thing. It sadly is part of EVERY religion's past and present.

Think about how we create student violence- we ignore, hate, abuse and beat on kids to the point where they feel like they have no other response but to explode and take that hatred out other people. So, how do we fight terrorism and violence in the US and across the world? Not by spreading HATRED. We stop it by learning about Islam, by helping in Pakistan , a Muslim nation that has experienced more loss and destruction than Haiti, the recent Tsunami and the earlier Pakistan Earthquake combined.

Personally, I can not think of a better building to be put near Ground Zero than a Mosque. A way to show the international community that our country believes in freedom for ALL non-violent beliefs and religions.

I ask everyone, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Religious Leaders, Congress Men and Women to consider the history of our World and country and remember hatred is easy, compassion and an open-mind is hard but worthwhile. (P.S. to our political leaders: you're pathetic attempt at gaining votes by encouraging hatred/discrimination is despicable. Democrat or Republican if you have openly come out against the Mosque in NYC to earn votes, you should be thrown off the Hill on your asses).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ta Dah!!

It's been hours, days, months, let's face it two years!!!! since I've felt like I can really dive into blogging. Why, you might ask? Because as of 11:48 on Tuesday June 22, 2010 I am 100 percent blogging for myself and not to impress possible future PR bosses (even though I couldn't completely stop myself from using AP style right then, its a process).

I have officially given my notice at the Marketing Agency, better known as "that place Katie sells toilets". SIDE BAR: I recently found out people actually thought I was selling toilets (hysterical). No, for the past two years I have been publicizing toilets, siding, health care cabinetry (yea that's a real thing). And if you are asking yourself is there really any point to those products being publicized, well No. But again not my concern anymore.

In early July, I will be leaving the world of PR (minus an occasional freelance project to keep food in my belly and Sukie's) for the glorious, engaging and stimulating world of Academics. I am going back to my Alma mater, to the place I feel most at home- Athens, GA to attend UGA and earn my Masters in Political Science. To put a cherry on top of a series of wishes coming true, I will be working as a Research Assistant for one very accomplished professor studying Latin America (Sigh of Excitement and Fear).

So to all of you who have listened to me drone on and on about hating my job, wanting to do something that matters, studying for the GRE (sort of), filling out applications, having screwed up paperwork, selling toilets, even worse tweeting about toilets and every other annoying thing I have done over the past 2 years- thank you, thank you, thank you! Having a support system is the only way I have survived my first Big Girl job and following my dreams.

To wrap it up- I'm Back! Good or bad- the hyper, slightly obnoxious, loud, chatty, high school drama (according to my sister), spastic version of me is here to stay. And though slightly sullen Katie may have been less obnoxious I am thrilled and grateful to feel like myself and to be pursuing something I love.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruh Roh

It seems after months of silence my crew of blogging friends, which is also my crew of everyday friends, college friends, best friends, etc. have once again begun the sacred act (and by that I mean totally unnecessary but sometimes nice to do) of blogging.

The problems is I'm currently in a limbo in life and I feel like until i get past that limbo and can move on to the planning stage (because I LOVE to plan). I'm not fully ready to dive back into the world of blogging.

So, to my more productive friends, who are always obviously more at peace with their lives, (which is awesome) I say, soon. I promise, soon.