Thursday, August 20, 2009


So it's been quite the week. Emma and I are officially in our new apartment. As sad as I am to lose my old roomies (particularly Ash, it was a great five years)... I really like our place. The apartment itself is pretty basic, but it will be quite snazzy by the time we are done. Best of all the Chattahoochee Park is our backyard. They told us that when we first looked at the place and I liked the woodsy feel of the complex, it's more like little moutain condos than a normal high-rise apartment. Which Sukie would not have handled. But I wasn't expecting it to be so nice. The park, at least what I have seen, is this great path by the river, it is street-wide and completely flat. Now that's my kind of running. Plenty of people for people watching and dogs for Sukie to smell and then be scared of. I love it. And I have seen people in kayaks going down the river. As much as you may laugh.. I want to rent a kayak.

Best of all, I really like living with Emma. I had concerns nothing major, but i figured it may be difficult. And don't get me wrong we fight. But in a lot of ways I love that we fight. Ash & Mols & I reached a sisterly level were we fought, screamed usually and then got over it. But even that isn't comparable to fighting with your actual sister. We fight and then justare done. We don't have to make up we just move on. I love being able to say, "that looks like crap" and not have to worry about being the negative roommate. It's great. I've loved all my former roommates, but this should be fun. Oh and the fam can't seem to stop themselves from "dropping by". Both the brother and the Dad work pretty close to our apartment. And lets face it, Mom has always liked us best. So I think this will be a year of familly bonding. My family is super tight, kind of like The Family Stone, but a little less liberal and dysfunctional. So I don't know that it will be increased family bonding but I like how little effort it takes. They just come to us.

Anyways, that's the overview. Its been a long week, but good. It's the start of a new semester (I will always be on the semester schedule no matter how long I work outside of the education field) and I have a feeling its going to be a great year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


When your boss starts what is certain to be a long conversation with, "I just want to make sure we are aligned" and you don't ever have the opportunity to speak. Do you really have a choice but to align?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Favorites and Not So Much

We can consider this a pre-post, because I'm fairly certain there will be a better story to go with this idea in a couple weeks. My sister and I are moving into an apartment together...which I'm stoked about, that part is not the "not" of the post title(super odd double negative-type thing I just did). Anyways, this weekend included moving extravaganza part one, which sadly will have at least two more parts. Though it really wasn't that bad and this time we had BF, who will conveintly be absent for the big event. It did however remind me moving is no fun. There is just no way around it the lifting, the organizing, the "I said your left"... not a good time. But I know (though again I'm certain there will be a much funnier/sadder story to tell of the offical moving weekend) it'll be worth it in the end, but one of my favorite things: Is NOT moving. :)

OK. Actual Favorite Thing: Cooking.

I LOVE cooking. It all started when I studied abroad in Italy, we didn't have ovens, Italians are apparently too used to quality meals to partake in the American tradition on frozen TV dinners therefore I had to cook to survive. And there were a few little "gourmet" chefs in our group that gave me a feeling of inferiority I had to overcome.

Now, cooking is something I really enjoy. Trying new recipes, making things up or trying to recreate a restaurant favorite all make me happy. I like having someone to cook for... so if you are hungry let me know. Oh and I watch Food Network obsessively I really can't help myself. This weekend we had cedar plank salmon, fennel & orange salad and grilled asparagus.

Grilled Pizza
- A Bobby Flay recipe we recently tried out using a pilsbury pizza crust instead of making our own... So Good!

One last thing, BF and I partook in Downtown Restaurant Week. We went to Cafe Circa and enjoyed a 3-course tasting meal for $25.00 a piece. It was delicious. Creative cuisine with a relazed atmosphere. If you like plaintains you must go to Cafe Circa... if you don't like them or have never had them you should go there to learn to. Its cute too in Edgewood area, so its not so fussy.