Monday, September 28, 2009

Making me Smile

This one will be brief. I should actually be working seeing as lately I'm super busy-Weird.

But in pre-work online surfing I found what may be my favorite thing Bakerella has done yet. Did you read in my last post about my love of pumpkin? It's even better mini!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It has been a long time, the login even took a little convincing that it was actually me trying to write a post. I have no real or good excuses for the severe lack of writing. I've been slightly busier at work, but for those who know about my job going from doing nothing to being "busier" doesn't take up that much time. But none the less I'm Back.

And if I remember correctly I was working on listing my favorite things and I have thought of way to cheat the system because one of my favorite things encompasses most of the things I love most in life- and that is Fall.

I want to say it again... its FALL.

First, fall means football- going home to Athens, cooking, regularly schedule time to hang out with my favorite people, a topic that always annoys my sister, drinking (just a little), screaming until I can't talk anymore. And this is only the first thing I love about fall.

Anything pumpkin flavored and make fun of this if you like, but just think about how excited you were when you saw that Starbuck's Pumpkin Lattes were back. Also, in the pumpkin family I really enjoy cooking squash. I played with alot of recipes last year and I'm excited for another season.

Which brings me to one of my other favorites about fall- cooking. There is football and the squash and then Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And thank goodness for my love of cooking, I have Thanksgiving twice. One of my absolute favorite traditions is our family of friends Thanksgiving. Its changed slightly over the years: now everyone insists the turkey actually be cooked all the way through. And the guys who join us do it b/c they don't really have a choice, not b/c they are mooching for free food, but either way I love it.

I won't go into unnecessary details on this one, but the weather- obvious. Which I'm even more excited about b/c the new apt has a great tree view for watching the leaves fall and as long as Noah doesn't make his way back to Atlanta, the trail by the Chattahoochee should be a really nice place to run.

Ok, I could go on indefinitely about why I love Fall, but I suppose I'll end with b/c it looks good on me. What can I say red heads look good in Autumn colors. So the pretty fall weather and trees in the background help me look better even if I haven't showered in a while.

So yes, I love fall because I look decent even when I smell- what a great season.