Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Relief

There is absolutely nothing better than when Friday comes early. That's right kids after 5:00 this afternoon I am done for the week. I am heading, to what I pray is a SUNNY, St. Simons for this year's battle of the titans, Georgia-Florida. This one is destined to be a doosy. Both teams have one loss, two of the best QBs in college football and a crowd full of jean shorts and frilly dresses.

I would like to spout about how the Bulldogs are simply going to pulverize the gators. But my roommate Ashleigh and I have learned to play The Expectations Game, even with college football.

The Expectations Game is quite simple: Keep your expectations low for outcomes and upcoming events and there are two possible outcomes:
A.) You receive the satisfaction of being right if the outcome/event is less than stellar
B.) You get the extra bonus of things being better than you anticipated
I realize this may seem like a negative out look on life. But we have found it is actually an essential part of the positive train Ashleigh and I have been riding lately. This way we are rarely to never disappointed.

As usual this post has gone of track, though I think the expectations game is important lesson. I simply wanted to reveal in my early release from the working world. Undoubtedly considering the well known theme of the Georgia-Florida game "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". I am positive I will have fun stories from my long weekend (hopefully not too fun...)

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Good Days

Alright the boyfriend did good. I am not at all difficult to figure out. I have a handful of things I really enjoy. Therefore, provide me with them in tandem and it'll will probably work out quite well.

For instance, due to my stint studying abroad in Italy, I love no other cuisine as much as authentic style Italian. Might I highly recommend Sotto Sotto for special occasions. The food was incredible. Our waiter was precious, with what I think was a Scottish accent. I asked for a suggestion...he then described the grouper dish as "Italian Comfort Food"... I was sold.

Not to mention the "chocolate soup" which is as delicious and simple as it sounds. A bowl of melted chocolate with croƻtons and hazelnut whip cream, need I say more?

Now to what made our night truly spectacular.... Wicked. A show I tried to see both times I went to NYC and failed to do so.

Unprompted boyfriend knew taking me to see a mucisal, full-proof plan.

There is nothing better to me than political commentary guised in fantasy, particularly when you add a little song and dance (It's like Harry Potter meets musical).

The voices=incredible, the costumes=breath-taking, The acting=hysterical. So obviously I hated it.

Truly though, and I have heard it is a good bit different than the book, but I loved how they fit in all the elements of the original story. I can't help but feel for the righteous, social-outcast... taken down by politics and propoganda for standing up for what she believes in!

You go Elphaba!!

To wrap-it up... Thanks boyfriend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Realization

I love those moments when reality hits you like a ton of bricks and says.... "Are you listening to yourself????" Completely inspired by my best friend Ashleigh Nicole Speir I have decided to take this blog back to its a original purpose. A place for me to process growing up and share positive insights I discover along the way, not whine and complain.

On her blog Ash started the thankfulness project, which simply involves her writing about what she is thankful for everyday. Simple but effective due to the fact that we love the same things in life and she is so darn witty.

Thanks to Ash, the 3 people out there reading this will no longer have to deal with my "dribble", as my Mom would call it. I am not exactly where I want to be professionally but I have an incredible life. I'd much rather brag about how good I have it than try and pretend like life is so rough I need to post my miserable existence on an online diary...No Ma'am.

So look forward to a new approach back to my roots: an over-analytical, sarcastic and surprisingly positive view of the world.

The boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary tonight (and yes, just the idea of me having an anniversary is unexpected, and flat-out weird). However, I have a feeling I will have a fun story or two from this evenings festivities.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Never-Ending Questions

I never liked math much. I was always decent at it, but found it boring. However, lately what I wouldn't give to deal in a world absolutes... 2+2=4. The subjective world of trying to figure out what will make you happy in life and balancing the good with the bad is exhausting.

I have this problem, to be blamed solely on my parents. I think too much. A part of my personality that is both a gift and curse. And I promise you, it is a family trait, check out my sister's blog "A Heart on a Wire" if you don't believe me. She is cursed with an over-analytical mind as well but luckily for her, she has the writing abilities to turn it into an art. I however just babble and vent. The unattractive symptom of this family trait that my friends, family and boyfriend have to suffer through...daily.

I promise there is a point to this blatant example of my problem.

I am currently working in public relations for various clients in the housing industry. Not a job I particular enjoy or feel remotely satisfied by. After about a day in my new job, I decided I hate PR and I want to teach. I want to feel like I am doing something in my job, making some type of an impact.

Also (and I realize online may not be the best medium to announce this) I don't like computers and the digital age of communication. At least not enough to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day mastering the use of Ctrl C and Ctrl V. I want to be up and moving, interacting with people. I want my job to be about the things I'm passionate about; people, politics, education. Therefore, day one into my first real PR job I decided I want to teach.

Now the only thing plaguing me, (besides finding a teaching job on a provisional basis in the middle of the semester) is do I want to teach because I'll be good at it, enjoy it and may even manage to do some good or am I just running away to what seems easiest? Everyone in my family teaches, another symptom of out over-active minds I suppose. Is that why I go straight to teaching, because its the quickest answer? I'd like to find a formula to simplify matters. Why doesn't life present it self in mathematical terms?

Teaching=Happiness... maybe