Monday, June 29, 2009

The Obsession

Ok. I had a fairly laid back weekend which is nice every once in and while. And when I have random free time to just sit and aimlessly watch TV which of the 70 or so stations do I choose.?

The Food Network.

It is truly an obsession the cooking shows, the challenges, the shows about eating. I love them all. And of course now I have the cooking bug. I just need and want to cook. I've also been going through my cookbooks and constantly perusing Thank goodness soon I will have people to cook for. I'm forcing the BF to come to the house just so I have a mouth to feed, but between July 4th and a belated Father's Day dinner I might be able to calm my obsession.

But by the end of the weekend of feeding only myself "gourmet" creations I felt a little like Diane Lane's character in Under the Tuscan Sun. When she is having that break down and just wants someone to cook for (Minus the gorgeous Italian Villa).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Going with the siblings tonight.... Jealous?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Problem

I'm having a little fight with Mother Nature right now and I can tell you she is going to kick my tush. The thermometer seems to be stuck on the 90s no matter what time of a day. Which isn't normally a huge issue for me because I spend the majority of my life in doors, not really by choice... it's called a job. But I need to be outside... running... A lot. The Peachtree Road Race is in exactly 12 days. My running stamina is currently quite low and the heat index quite high hence the problem. My roommate, A, runs early in the morning and late at night (over acheiver). I on the other hand have a small window if I don't work out within the first hour or so of being him its safe to say it's not happening. So Mother Nature, I'm asking for a small break... just for the next 12 days then you go back to showing us your wrath for the creation of the Hummer.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Oh and I promise I'll make my picture smaller tomorrow. I'm not THAT self-absorbed.

The New Approach

Alright, I think I'm ready to get "back in the game" (10 Things I Hate About You fans?).

It's been a long time and I want a different approach. Sooner rather than later I will be going through a lot of changes and despite my lack of womanly curves I don't mean physically.

But I feel fairly certain that even though it will not be easy these changes will help transition my blog from negative nancyville to a more positive, fun space. As blogging, twitter, facebook magazine, etc. become less a part of my 9 to 5 I will actually able to enjoy them.

To prove I'm finding a happier place. Ash sent these to me today. Check out the pics from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I wasn't a huge fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but there is no questioning it is visually stunning.

More Pics to look at!

So for the three people who read my blog. Look forward to new stories from my changing life.