Thursday, October 29, 2009

Too Much Fall to Write

If you read my last post, I assume you gathered I really like Fall. And I'm also going to blame Fall for my complete lack of blogging lately. I'm just enjoying the pleasures of the season too much to blog. (And my job has actually required my attention for the full 9 to 5

Despite the less than stellar season, football has kept me pretty consumed- which I love. But on top of glorious football I have a series of Fall Festivi (plural of festivus) planned.

Last weekend, actually started the celebrations. For the big 2 year the BF and I cooked a fabulous fall feast (and fall allows for a lot of alliteration). Complete with Spicy Turban Squash Soup & Peanut Pumpkin Curry Pasta-which was surprisingly good despite the crazy flavor combos. We also attended two completely polar opposite weddings in one day. Nothing particularly "fall" like about that but it was a lot in one day. And by a lot I'm referring to drinking. But all in all it was a fabulous weekend.

Not to be out done by its predecessor, this weekend has all the elements necessary to be phenomenal. Ladies & Gentlemen its a FESTIVUS! That's right, an entire day complete with costumes, painting, cooking, football, drinking (at least solo drinking) and a general feeling of bliss.

Festivi were a regular occurennce in college but have been harder to coordinate with jobs, living in different cities, etc. But I think the anticipation is only going to make this one that much better. So, look forward to plenty of pictures and interesting stories.

AND there is more fun fall features for the future. The following weekend the Bulldogs are Finally back in Athens. The plan is to book-end the football game with a corn maze and trip to the mountains to see the leaves. Not a bad life I lead. :)

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Anonymous said...

I almost like the fact that Festivi are becoming a yearly thing instead of a seasonal thing. Reasons:
A) More time to save money for it.
B) The excitement gets to build throughout the year.
C) It makes them more "special," giving us more pull to get our significant others involved.
D) We have more luck getting Molly to commit to outrageous acts. :)

Love you!